Our People

BTK Associates’ Core Group:

1 Ms. Bilquis Tahira Chief Executive
2 Ms. Zubaida Hussain Senior Exceutive
3 Mr. Maqsood Jan Senior Exceutive
4 Ms. Asma Ravji Senior Exceutive

BTK Associates has a 6 member staff, with support staff with varied specializations such as gender equality, humanitarian response, socio-economic research, sustainable livelihoods, health, education, capacity building, M&E, conflict and peacebuilding and social cohesion, protection, participation and prevention as well as strategic development and capacity building. The experience and qualifications are given below:

Ms. Bilquis Tahira

Socio-economic development and communications specialist with 28 years of experience in: programme/project formulation, planning, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation in the field of women and peace, conflict resolution, education, labour (women’s and child rights issues, formal and informal working activities), governance, health (including sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, child care and psycho-social support), human rights, population and gender issues, TVET and humanitarian work (gender and disaster) as well as communication. Wide experience in capacity building and institutional development of government institutions, NGOs and CBOs. Ample experience in developing logical frameworks and M&E systems. Countries worked in include Pakistan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Argentina and Europe. Have worked with a number of NGOs (Aurat Foundation, Family Planning Association of Pakistan, Shirakat, others); government ministries (Planning, Education, Labour, others); donors such as CIDA, EC, ADB, Embassy of Norway, DFID, others); UN agencies, UN Women, UNDP, UNICEF.

She has been done consultancy assignment with CIDA, EC, ADB, UN, other clients on various sectors such as Post Conflict Needs Assessment, social protection, women and peace, education, health, women’s empowerment, capacity building, communication, monitoring and evaluation, informal labour, programme development, technical support to strategic development; research; aid effectiveness; fund management. A professional banker and a teacher in the past has honed her skills on educational management and finance management. She has edited several magazines as well.

Ms. Zubaida Hussain is a development economist and rural development specialist. She has undertaken a number of researches, surveys, evaluations, manual development, trainings. Her thematic areas are economic analysis including policy analysis and strategy; rural development initiatives, rural appraisals, monitoring and evaluation, programme development and capacity enhancement.

Mr. Maqsood Jan is a research and M&E specialist of several years’ standing and is an expert on research methodology, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, sustainable livelihoods, labour migration and strategic approaches. His experience has been multi-sectoral but with particular reference to child protection, education, advocacy, forestry as well as other social development sectors. He has also handled several projects and surveys.

Ms. Asma Ravji has over 13 years of experience in sustainable livelihoods and women’s economic empowerment and has extensive experience in strategic development. Donor reporting, donor liaison and working with the government are also her strong points.

BTK’s Associates:

Associates belong to all parts of Pakistan and some from abroad. They are briefly mentioned below:

Mr. Masood Hayat brings with him the management, financial and business skills into the field of development planning, designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. He has significant experience in project designing, organizational development, financial management, tax and corporate management and system development for public, private and non-profit sectors. He has remained a member of the team for design, implementation and monitoring of a number of public/private sector projects, and served on management support team for a DFID funded NGO. Mr. Hayat also provided organizational development/programmatic support to certain UN Supported and International NGOs, and remained involved with the NGO sector in preparation and implementation of strategic plans, general management/financial management systems and handling of corporate and taxation affairs. He has considerable experience of the review and evaluation of development projects/programs.

Evelyn Bazalgette is an international consultant with multi-sectoral expertise and has worked on gender equality in all sectors such as education, conflict, health particularly reproductive health, formal and informal labour, aid effectiveness, agriculture and several others.

Abida Aziz is a communication, health and environmental education expert with several years of standing. She has developed a distance course on environmental education for AKF which is being delivered in South Asia.

Other associates include:

Dr. Tufail Ahmed Bhatti Health and nutrition specialist; expertise in MNCH, epidemiology, community based social organization, FH/RH and other health related sub-sectors
Shahnaz Iqbal Capacity building, programme development, data collection and analysis, reporting, gender equality integration, monitoring
Humaira Rafiq Programme development and management, monitoring and evaluation, proposal writing, reporting, results based management, in education, health, poverty alleviation, democracy, governance & social development
Parveen Soomro Community mobilization, social survey, monitoring & evaluation, basic health education, capacity building, social feasibility, rural water supply & sanitation.
Dr. Nazia Saeed Expertise in training, curriculum development, programme development, data collection and analysis on FP/RH, MVA, VSC, General Health
Dr. Saima Shafique Expertise in monitoring and evaluation, programme development, capacity building, budgeting, program planning, strategic planning, advocacy and institutional linkages with local government, district government and provincial government I health and WASH sector
Durdana Malik Health education, environment, formal/informal labour, media and communication specialist
Dr Rukhsana Zia Education specialist; has been Permanent Member on UNESCO Executive Board from Pakistan; has been the Director of Department of Staff development, Government of Punjab; over 20 publications on education in Pakistan
Shazia Marri Development Expert, Balochistan

There are 19 other associates who have variegated specialties such as climate change, women’s empowerment, humanitarian response, organizational management, community mobilization, livelihoods, poverty, peace and conflict, police training, governance and other sectors.