Our Values


Leadership in the firm is not about rising above the rest, but collaborating with and helping others—consultants and clients—to exceed their own expectations. Individuals at BTK Associates pursue this objective in many ways: by helping clients address their toughest challenges, developing ground-breaking knowledge, being creative and innovative and becoming positive solution finders. We consider clients equal partners in mutual learning through all initiatives.


We put this first, since it is the most urgent quality during the first month to design the programme and prepare for implementation, with safety, security, rationality, sensitivity, inclusiveness and performance at the core of all of our operations during the time of the project.


Having shared understanding of any assignment is critical for effective delivery. We believe that success will rest on our technical understanding of the subject, and deep-rooted understanding of the social, political and cultural environment in which the results are to be achieved. Such understanding is shared by all persons in the team that we plan to mobilise for this work, and has been at the heart of our selection process in putting together our strong and capable team.


As the potential overall managers of the assignment we are engaged and committed to the development goals and wider objectives of the country’s development plans, as well as Solutions Strategy for Afghanistan and Reintegration strategy. As potential partners, we do not present ourselves in this proposal as mere contractees in the minimal sense for the management of activities and disbursement of funds, but in the much broader sense of being able to engage comprehensively with the goals of the overall programme in the challenging areas of KP and FATA.

Execution & Drive for Results

Throughout this proposal we emphasize the need for well thought out design of the assignment that will lead to meaningful, measurable, and practical results for UNDP and the communities in Swat. We know that we will ultimately be judged on the extent to which we deliver on the key objectives set out in the TORs.


Alongside the drive for results, we recognize and will address the drive for ‘value for money’ (VfM). This is outlined in our approach to delivery in the methodology outlined, both from the point of view of offering VfM within the overall contract, and in the sense of ensuring that VfM is attained for each of the outputs as per the TORs.

Security and safety

Our overall approach to the assignment includes a deep understanding of, and efforts towards delivering the tasks with due considerations to security and safety of the staff working on the assignment. Our strengths in this regard are three-fold:

Coupled with the wider issues of implementation, the assignment will follow the following strategies:

Hiring of local researchers

The importance of hiring local field workers cannot be underestimated particularly in KP and FATA. The local staff will have the trust and grounding in the local culture which preempts rapport building which is the crux of any task. All staff will be fluent in Pushto.

Employing Do No Harm Principles

All actions will be based on the DNH principles and the community will be informed of the objectives of the assignment.

Experience and reach

We believe the geographical and technical experience of our team is second to none. Most of the members have worked in KP and FATA and all have been involved in community mobilization and infrastructure.

Sustainability of results

Sustainability has several dynamics and components. In this assignment we would define it as sustainability of results after the duration of the monitoring process as well as learning process of the RAHA team through contact with monitoring team. Generally this would mean constantly consulting with and informing the programme team on findings so that corrective measures can be put in place as soon as possible.